About Me

The process of applying texture to a canvas, then watching the paint find its way through the crevices and cracks is quite rewarding for me.  You could say some of my paintings paint themselves, and me being able to watch how each painting transforms itself is what gives me joy.  It's a moment in time I get to experience - never to be repeated the same way twice.  And because of the process in which I paint, no two paintings will ever be exactly the same. 


I have always loved to paint, create, explore, make, and transform.  And I have also always loved to share what I have learned with others. After two decades of showing others how to create, I decided to start creating for myself.  Now I am sharing my creations with collectors of art.  Please contact me if you are interested in chatting more about my work.  Items on the Home page are available unless marked otherwise and commissions are welcome - allow a little time, depending on the project.

Phone and Email

918-948-2163              tami @ tamismithart.com

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